Illustrations & stories


    These paintings are for the Boy’s room and the Girl’s room doors. They are also characters in a safety coloring book.



“How Does a Cow Jump Over the Moon?”

“Twenty Turkeys Came for Thanksgiving”

Quality Swimming

     Emilio is one curious calf. He is on a quest to find out just how does the cow jump over the moon. By the light of the full moon Emilio and Señor Bud meet and feast, and so begins this out of the world experience.This picture book is a work in progress.

   Thomas, a newly proclaimed vegetarian, is visited on Thanksgiving Day by twenty turkeys who do not want to become the main dish. Find out what Thomas and the turkeys do right in front of his oblivious family. This picture book is a work in progress.

Fun For Kidz Magazine “I’m Riding My Bike In The Rain”

    Poem and illustration for Fun for Kidz Magazine. Excerpt from poem... “My coat open wide, my face getting wet, I’m a captain sailing, I won’t go home yet!                                            Published July, 2010.

“There Was an Alligator at School Today!

   Yes, there was an alligator at school today; and no one - not the principal, the police, not even the park rangers- could get that ‘gator to go. Thank goodness for clever kids! This picture book is a work in progress.

SCBWI Illustrator’s Intensive-homework

   Artist’s interpretation of...”At school, Annabelle’s classmates could not stop talking about her sweater.”